Connecting & Learning

Getting connected at Capitol Hill is about relationships that get beneath the surface. That kind of relationship won’t come by simply attending worship services. Whether kids or adults, all of us need time each week with a smaller group of people who can get to know us personally, share life with us, and encourage us to pursue Jesus Christ.

Life-learning changes our way of living. When we seek to find the wisdom God offers, we live and give better. Knowing more of Jesus Christ leads to a life that is a blessing to others. From managing money to understanding the Bible, life-learning programs can help you know God and learn His ways.

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Get Connected

  • New Members
  • Fellowship Groups
  • Children
  • Preteens
  • Youth
  • College
  • Singles/Young Adult
  • Couples/Family
  • Forever Young
  • Men
  • Women
  • Community Service
  • Social Recreation

Life Learning

  • Bible Study Groups
  • Equipping Classes
  • Health & Fitness
  • Money Management
  • Books & Materials

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