Our History

Capitol Hill Church is a grace-filled community of faith whose goal is to continually grow into the image of Christ.

This mission began in the 1970’s. Bro. Wallace Ferguson was a new immigrant to the United States and brought his faith and commitment to Christ to Washington, D.C. from Trinidad and Tobago.  In time, he and a small group of believers evangelized in the northeast corridor of Washington, D.C. and soon the Northeast F Street Mission was formed as an affiliate of the First SDA Church in Washington, D.C.  

The group planted roots in Northeast D.C. and held Saturday morning services at the Deliverance Church of Christ on 806 F Street, NE, Washington, D.C. and afternoon and Wednesday evening meetings in the basement of Sis. Hattie Payne Addison's home at 1705 F Street, N.E.

By 1973, the Mission was granted Company status, and on October 27, 1973 selected the name Capitol Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church and also decided to embrace a rigorous building fund campaign.

In April 1974, the group bought their first church home at 1000 East Capitol Street, N.E.  Seven months later in November, with a membership of 62, the Company became a Church under the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  In March 1986, and with a membership of approximately 200, the Church voted to purchase a new sanctuary blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Two years later, after extensive renovation, the Grand Opening Celebration was held on the same property from which Capitol Hill members still worship— 914 Massachusetts Ave, NE.  Over the years, the Church also purchased properties adjacent to the sanctuary building, a Yamaha grand piano and in 2015-2016 completed a full renovation of the 105-year old sanctuary building.

From its inception, Capitol Hill Church has maintained a consistent posture of prayer and evangelism.  As a result, our membership numbers have increased, our community relevance have deepened, and our arms of Christian service have expanded.  The Capitol Hill fellowship of believers maintains a posture of intentional kindness with a focus on moving from membership to discipleship. All we have accomplished thus far is through full, faithful dependence on God.  We look forward to experiencing more great things as He continues to develop us and lead us forward.

List of Pastors

  • Pastor William S. Jackson, Sr. (1971 -1976);
  • Pastor Harold D. Singleton (1976–1977);
  • Pastor Lloyd Major (1977–1980);
  • Pastor Don King (1980–1983);
  • Pastor Rodney Malcolm (1983 – 1985);
  • Pastor Wintley A. Phipps (1985–1995);
  • Assistant Pastor J. W. Warren (1987 – 1989);
  • Assistant Pastor Don McPhaull (1988–1995);
  • Assistant Pastor Ebenezer Pedapudi, Retired (1991–1995);
  • Dr. John Nixon (1996-1998);
  • Pastor Colin W. Brathwaite, Jr. (1998–2003);
  • Dr. Anthony A. Medley (2004–2008);
  • Dr. Gene M. Donaldson (2004-2016);
  • Associate Pastor Dr. Ramone Griffith (2013-2018);
  • Dr. Emil D. Peeler (2016-present);
  • Assistant Pastor Ishmael Wade (2018-2020);
  • Assistant Pastor Elijah A. Stanley (2021-present);
  • Associate Pastor Dr. Philip M. Wesley, II (2022-present)