Teens Volunteer



Uplifting the character of Christ is not just for Youth but is edified through service for Adults. As a Youth Volunteer, you have the unique experience of growing closer to Christ while helping our Youth cultivate their gifts for purpose here at Capitol Hill. Listed below are two main ways to serve.

Bible School Leaders

By joining the team of our Bible School Leaders, you will have the opportunity to teach on rotation for our weekly Saturday programs. Here, our youth will learn from you timeless Biblical truths and practical ways to live out the Gospel. A completed and up-to-date background check is required to volunteer.   

  • Pathfinder Leader
  • By joining the team of our Pathfinder Leaders, you will have the opportunity to teach various youth groups every other Sunday morning on rotation. Blazers Pathfinders will learn from you the message of Christ while experiencing the joy of service. A completed and up-to-date background check is required to volunteer.


About Us + Our Mission

We emphasize the importance of quality education for our youth. The Education Ministry of Capitol Hill serves the congregation through its emphasis on education for students in Pre-Kindergarten to University level. Understanding the indelible power of knowledge, mentorship, and opportunities, our team works alongside the Education Ministry to promote Christian education through attendance at a Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institution. The  Leadership team recognize that enduring success is rooted in Christ as the foundation and spurs into a healthy balance between the physical, mental, spiritual, and social realm. As a result, Capitol Hill SDA Church is a constituent church of the Dupont Park SDA School, Pine Forge Academy, Takoma Academy and Oakwood University. 


Highlighted Goals

The Youth Leadership Team and the Education Ministry team specifically strive towards...

  •  The provision of nurturing support to all Pre-Kindergarten to University level students of Capitol Hill. 

  • The financial support of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education and promotion of opportunities to attend its constituents schools

  • The recognition of  achievements of high-school to college/university graduates through our yearly service

  • The encouragement of reading & STEM programs among Pre-K through grade 12 students